How it all started

Luella Isabell Hall


Luella helped countless people throughout her life. Most notable giving was to feed and care for migrant workers that would come from the south in the mid-sixties to work the fields in the north. The workers would travel on old school buses for hours from Florida to NY State. Marshall being the youngest of ten was around has mother most of the time to see her help the needy. His mother’s generosity laid the ground work for her youngest son. 

The young man knew he would be in the charity field one day but did not know it would take the death of his mother and hurricane Katrina to form United African American Foundation. Founded in 2005, eight years after the death of founder’s mother at age 80. Luella died tragically of hypothermia on January 15 1997.

Luella loved her family and everyone she came in contact with in her life. Marshall's father owned a major automobile salvage yard in New York State and became wealthy from his business. Marshall's mothers family had became wealthy with multiple business operations and where very prominent dating back to 1918 in Memphis Tennessee.

The Hall family was the only African American family in the United States to have a vast amount of land for over 50 years on one of the five great lakes. The family has moved on from the lake Erie lakefront property recently. Both of Marshall's parents died in 1997 on January and October. Marshall's father died from being heart broken.